MariaDB TX

Enterprise reliability.
Open source innovation.

MariaDB TX is the leading enterprise open source database. Proven in production, it’s the only one with Oracle Database compatibility, sharding, temporal tables and point-in-time rollback. Fueled by community innovation, it’s also the only one using purpose-built storage engines to maximize the storage efficiency and query performance of applications with traditional and/or non-traditional workloads – including web, mobile and IoT applications.

What’s New

Oracle compatibility

Oracle Database compatibility, including data types and stored procedures, makes it easier than ever to migrate from Oracle Database and get rid of the burdens of proprietary databases.

Temporal features

DBAs and developers can find out what data looked like at a previous point in time (and how it’s changed) using system-versioned tables – a first for enterprise open source databases.

Transparent sharding

MariaDB TX scales out storage and writes by partitioning tables and spreading them across multiple database instances – and it’s not only transparent to applications, it’s transactional.

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Why now

  • Escape the confines of proprietary databases
    Escape the confines of proprietary databases

    MariaDB TX has everything you need to break free from the cost, complexity and constraints of proprietary databases.

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  • Ride the wave of open source innovation
    Ride the wave of open source innovation

    MariaDB TX is redefining the modern database with innovative features built in collaboration with the community.

  • Experience unrivaled operational agility
    Experience unrivaled operational agility

    MariaDB TX is nimble but powerful, lightweight but fast and runs where you want it to – say goodbye to headaches.

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MariaDB Server

The only open source database with Oracle Database compatibility, temporal tables, sharding and transparent data encryption.

MariaDB Cluster

Full active/active, multi-master clustering with synchronous replication and zero downtime for when high availability is the utmost concern.

MariaDB MaxScale

The worlds’ most advanced database proxy: intelligent routing, automatic failover, dynamic data masking and a powerful database firewall.

MariaDB Connectors

Lightweight clients for C, Java, Node.js and ODBC drivers for developing applications on Mac OS, Linux, Linux on ARM and Windows.

MariaDB Tools

Powerful management and monitoring tools for DBAs, including MariaDB Backup, MariaDB Flashback and SQL Diagnostic Monitor.

MariaDB Containers

Official Docker images, Docker Compose scripts and Kubernetes Helm charts for getting started the easiest way possible – with containers.


Enterprise Reliability

  • High availability
    High availability

    MariaDB TX provides high availability with replication, automatic failover and dynamic routing – and with commodity hardware.

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  • Disaster recovery
    Disaster recovery

    MariaDB TX has backup and restore tools (full/incremental) as well as point-in-time rollback for undoing recent transactions.

  • Advanced security
    Advanced security

    MariaDB TX includes transparent data encryption, data masking, denial of service protection and a database firewall.

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  • Scale-out

    MariaDB TX has built-in, transparent sharding for scaling writes and storage, and supports unlimited read replicas.

  • Enhanced performance
    Enhanced performance

    MariaDB TX has a multi-threaded architecture, advanced query optimizations and configurable query result caching.

Modern versatility

  • Workload-optimized storage engines
    Workload-optimized storage engines

    Handle a variety of workloads with a single database, and at the same time, by using a mix of purpose-built storage engines.

  • Composable database topologies
    Composable database topologies

    Create custom topologies to meet specific requirements using different combinations of replication, clustering and sharding.

  • Hybrid relational + JSON data models
    Hybrid relational + JSON data models

    Build modern applications using JSON for faster development, but without sacrificing transactions, data integrity and SQL.

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Helpful resources

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Services and support

In addition to world-class, 24×7 technical support, MariaDB subscriptions include consultative support to provide customers with recommendations and advice based on decades of experience. If that’s not enough, a dedicated team of remote DBAs, enterprise architects and migration managers is available to ensure customers succeed – whether it’s migrating from a proprietary database, rolling out a microservices architecture or moving to cloud infrastructure.