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Getting Started with MariaDB Galera and MariaDB MaxScale on CentOS

Introduction A good thing with Galera as a High Availability solution for MariaDB is that it is rather easy to set … Continued

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Using MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 Regex Filter for Migrations

Migrating applications from one database system to another is sometimes easy and sometimes not. But they are hardly ever effortless. … Continued

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CONNECT BY is dead, long live CTE! In MariaDB Server 10.2!

Yes, you got that right, the old CONNECT BY as used by recursive SQL with Oracle has been replaced by … Continued

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Creating a MariaDB MaxScale Router Module

I wanted to do some tests with MariaDB MaxScale and realized that the two existing routers (beyond the binlog router … Continued

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Installing MariaDB MaxScale the Hard Way

If you are like me (let’s for everyones sake hope you are not, though), you like to do things the … Continued

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