Delivering Superior Customer Experience with MariaDB Enterprise

When we first announced MariaDB Enterprise last year in March of 2014, our goal was to deliver superior performance and customer experience in addition to a hardened and certified version of open source MariaDB Server. In the first release we delivered hardened and certified binaries, and with the second release in December 2014 we raised the bar in performance. At that time, we announced MariaDB Enterprise for the IBM POWER8 platform, with a 2.2x performance gain over the x86 platform.

Now, with the Spring 2015 release of MariaDB Enterprise, we have optimized the binaries to boost performance, particularly for SaaS and web applications. Our performance benchmarks have shown a 15 to 20% performance gain with these binaries. MariaDB Enterprise customers can download these optimized binaries by logging into our customer portal. As a best practice, we recommend that the optimized binaries (PGO binaries) be tested in a non-production environment and performance profile be measured before deploying it in a production environment. We at MariaDB would love to hear about your measurements and findings, as we can further tailor these binaries to the specific profile of your database platform hardware. Find out more about the Spring 2015 release of MariaDB Enterprise and the new optimized binaries.

While you improve your end user experience with MariaDB Enterprise, we want to keep you updated with latest security fixes and software updates for all your MariaDB Enterprise Server deployment in an effective manner. As an exclusive benefit of MariaDB Enterprise, in the December 2014 release we introduced the Enterprise Notification Service, which sends automatic notifications that are customized to the specific version and database features in use on each of your MariaDB Enterprise Servers. Now with the Spring 2015 release, you can manage the registration key and contacts of this service yourself by logging into the customer portal. You can also keep track of your active subscriptions and any upcoming renewals your self via customer portal.

You may have heard that we released a new product, MariaDB MaxScale, in January 2015. With the Spring 2015 release, we have integrated MariaDB Enterprise with MariaDB MaxScale as an optional add-on. MariaDB MaxScale is a configurable database proxy platform for scalability, reliability and database security. As your user base grows, demanding shorter response times and more up-time, MariaDB MaxScale ensures that your database architecture can scale-out and provide the high availability that you need. MariaDB MaxScale’s flexible architecture comes with a rich set of out-of-box plugins that helps you improve DBA and developer productivity, deploy new services without impacting applications, improve replication performance in large environments and secure end user data against SQL injection attacks. Learn more about MariaDB MaxScale.