Greater Developer Automation and Efficiency with MariaDB Enterprise Summer 2015

In the last two releases of MariaDB Enterprise, we have provided enhanced performance with the introduction of certified MariaDB binaries for POWER8 and optimized binaries for the x86 platform. This Summer we make it more efficient and automated for developers and DBAs to use our high performance MariaDB binaries.

Ease of Use

MariaDB Enterprise now comes with Docker images as well as Chef recipes and cookbooks so developers can now easily deploy and run their database applications. Using Docker images from the MariaDB Enterprise repository,

  • you can run multiple instance of MariaDB Enterprise Server with different configurations on the same physical server, and
  • easily move your MariaDB Enterprise Server instance from one machine to another machine.

Greater Automation

MariaDB MaxScale™, an additional part of the MariaDB Enterprise subscription, allows DBAs to launch external scripts when MaxScale detects a change in the state of any backend server. This applies to MariaDB master-slave replication cluster, as well as MariaDB Enterprise Galera Cluster. DBAs can now automatically trigger failover by promoting a slave to master when the master fails, or can simply opt to be notified of a master or slave failure to take appropriate corrective action. You can also launch scripts with separate behaviour when a database server node is down, versus the database server being unreachable. In MariaDB Enterprise Galera Cluster, in addition to database nodes going up and down, you can also launch external scripts when the sync status of a Galera node changes.

Learn more about MariaDB Enterprise and MariaDB MaxScale, or simply download them to experience the efficiency and automation in this new release.