In the middle of the MariaDB Europe Roadshow

Impressions from the MariaDB 2015 Roadshow: Stockholm and AmsterdamLast week we continued the MariaDB Roadshow in Europe – we visited Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. We have now completed 5 out of 10 events from this series. The interest in this roadshow is overwhelming – in Amsterdam we even needed to put extra chairs into the room! So far attendees of the 2015 tour especially liked topics around MariaDB MaxScale, security features in MariaDB as well as the MariaDB roadmap session. Michael “Monty” Widenius was among the speakers in Helsinki and Amsterdam. But of course all the other speakers did a great job as well, including the MariaDB products and engineering staff as well as the people from Codership (Galera Cluster 4.0 new features) and IBM (Turbo LAMP stack with Linux on Power and POWER8).

We are now looking forward to the 2nd round of events. We have scheduled for you:

In London MariaDB Chief Evangelist Colin Charles will join the team. But we also have brilliant speakers for the DACH events. At some of them you will have a chance to meet MariaDB training and consulting globetrotter Jens Bollmann.

If you are around one of the upcoming locations we would be glad to meet you there!