Join MariaDB in Milan, Italy for Conference & Training

MilanJoin us in Milan, Italy for a combined two days MariaDB 10 conference and training event on December 16-17th. Register now to learn the latest and greatest about MariaDB!

Get the chance to discover MariaDB 10, the newest version of the Open Source Community relational database. Are you currently a MySQL user? This is a good point to consider migrating from MySQL – MariaDB adds many new capabilities to address web and enterprise application challenges.

During the two days of the event, attendees will learn new MariaDB features and get to hands on try them out.

I am especially excited to attend the event myself as I will be presenting the latest on MaxScale – the intelligent proxy. This 30 minute presentation in Italian will be my first public MaxScale presentation in Italy, as well as in my own mother tongue.

Looking at the agenda, Olivier will start on Tuesday 16th with a general MariaDB presentation:

9:45 MariaDB Enterprise, High Performance Databases Made Easy
(Olivier Beutels, MariaDB Corporation)

The next talk is by Federico, a well known presence in MariaDB Community:

10:15 MariaDB, a Unique Technology Foundation
(Federico Razzoli, Ibuildings)

The following talk is mine:

10:45 Maxscale, the intelligent proxy for MariaDB/MySQL
(Massimiliano Pinto, MariaDB corporation)

After we will take a coffee break – hope you have time to discuss our presentations then.

To see the full program and register, see the event registration page.