Magicbricks Migrates to MariaDB to Support its High Volume Traffic


The following is a guest blog post from Subodh Kumar, head of technology at Magicbricks, India’s largest online property portal.

To support our growing online traffic, Magicbricks migrated from a proprietary database to MariaDB (version 10.1.x).

With this migration, we’ve re-factored our application architecture to separate read and write database calls. This has allowed us to load balance our heavy read calls across multiple instances of Slaves without any worries of lag during data syncs.

Using MariaDB, we are now able to serve approximately 7 million page views (from our web and mobile sites) and approximately 6 million API calls per day. MariaDB has not only helped us support this high volume of traffic but has also smoothened our database related operations. We were easily able to setup a multi-master, near real-time replication. Not to mention, this is with no additional license requirements which was a primary consideration with proprietary database servers that we had previously deployed.

This deployment has made Magicbricks scale its applications with any number of database instances as desired.

The average load factor with the previous proprietary database was around 15 to 20, which has now been tremendously reduced to approximately three after the MariaDB deployment.