MariaDB Enterprise Now Supports MariaDB 10.1

Customers have been excited to get their hands on the performance and maintenance enhancements and data encryption capabilities made available through MariaDB 10.1. We are happy to announce that MariaDB Enterprise and Enterprise Cluster subscriptions now support MariaDB 10.1 and make all of these features available to our subscription customers.

With MariaDB Enterprise supporting 10.1, users can fully and transparently encrypt their databases and protect their data-at-rest, and benefit from password validation and role-based access control improvements. Adding this critical security layer requires no changes to existing applications, and critically, maintains the same high level of performance. Data breaches cost an average of $3.8M, and we encourage all MariaDB users, as well as companies using MySQL, to make the easy migration to MariaDB Enterprise supporting MariaDB 10.1 to reduce their security risk. The new certified binaries are now available for download.

Support for MariaDB 10.1 also provides MariaDB Enterprise subscribers with

High availability enhancements with full integration of the community Galera multi-master cluster technology

Scalability enhancements:

  • Optimistic parallel replication – all transactions will be considered to be run in parallel, giving another performance boost in master-to-slave replication
  • Slave execution of triggers when using row-based replication
  • WebScaleSQL performance enhancements

Performance enhancements:

  • Query timeouts
  • InnoDB improvements such as multi-threaded flush, page compression for FusionIO/nvmfs
  • Optimizer enhancements including EXPLAIN JSON and EXPLAIN ANALYZE (with FORMAT=JSON)