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How to connect Python programs to MariaDB

This blog was refreshed in June 2020. Read the latest on how to connect Python programs to MariaDB here.   … Continued

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IBM Power Turbo LAMP App-a-Thon Announced

Do you have a PHP application that could benefit from higher performance? Running your application on Turbo Linux with MariaDB … Continued

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Creating a web application with the Yii Framework and MariaDB

Yii is a fast and secure framework for developing PHP applications. It has excellent support for various databases, including MariaDB, … Continued

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Replace Oracle RAC with MariaDB Galera Cluster?

If you want to avoid downtimes in your business, High Availabilty (HA) is a strong requirement which, by definition, makes it possible to access … Continued

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Why MariaDB? Advantages over MySQL

  2019 Update: Open Source Comparisons Released Watch the Webinar    Read the Comparison     First and foremost, MariaDB … Continued

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A transaction duration tracking audit plugin for MariaDB and MySQL

This plugin logs long running transactions to the server error log when transaction took more than a configurable number of … Continued

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Dynamic Columns Tutorial – Part 2: Searching and Updating

This is a continuation of my previous blog, where we will focus on some more advanced features related to Dynamic … Continued

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Why I moved my Joomla website to MariaDB

Next time you want to build a fast, well-optimized website, don’t forget the database system. Many content management systems (CMS) … Continued

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High Performance Drupal with MariaDB

I am back from 2014 Amsterdam Drupalcon where MariaDB Corporation was present as sponsor. It was my first time there … Continued

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And the Bose Mobile Speaker DrupalCon prize draw winner is…

DrupalCon Amsterdam was a great event with a lot of energy! It was good to hear so many Drupal developers … Continued

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