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Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Business of all kinds has been moving steadily to the cloud – but the past year has strapped a rocket booster to many organizations’ cloud transformation timelines. Whether your mission-critical app is already in the cloud or you’re pondering a cloud migration, you’ll want to take part in this two-hour interactive summit. It’s all about substantiative conversations, not slide presentations.

Hear from industry thought leaders and MariaDB subject-matter experts to learn about the future of database management, database-as-a-service – and how to ensure your cloud database adapts to your needs, not the other way around.


  • Tips for Navigating the DBaaS Landscape
  • A Look at SkySQL: The MariaDB DBaaS
  • Developers on DBaaS: What’s in It for Them?
  • How to Build Out Your DBA Ops Team with MariaDB


  • Roksolana Diachuk  –  Big Data Developer, Captify & Women Who Code Kyiv Lead
  • Gabriela Ferrara  –  Developer Advocate, Google
  • Rick Greaves  –  SaaS Solutions Architect, Google
  • Steve Hetzel  –  Principal Director of Cloud Engineering, Nuvalence
  • Sanjeev Mohan  –  Research Analyst, Gartner
  • Rick Vasquez  –  Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Western Digital
  • Rob Hedgpeth  –  Director of Developer Relations, MariaDB
  • Manjot Singh  –  Director of Customer Engineering
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