MariaDB for ServiceNow On-Premises Deployments

MariaDB: The backbone of ServiceNow’s cloud infrastructure

When sensitive data demands that you run ServiceNow on premises rather than in the ServiceNow cloud, doesn’t it make sense to choose the same database for your organization that ServiceNow chose for its own?


Factsheet: Choosing the Best Database for your ServiceNow On-premises Deployment


MariaDB continually implements new features to satisfy the particular needs of ServiceNow and its customers, meaning MariaDB’s enterprise database platform gives your on-premises ServiceNow deployment the same level of reliability and availability as ServiceNow’s renowned cloud offering.

MariaDB Platform includes MariaDB Enterprise Server: an enhanced, hardened and secured version of the widely deployed MariaDB Community Server. MariaDB Enterprise Server is engineered specifically for mission-critical production deployments – with special attention paid to ServiceNow’s application and usage patterns.

High performance & stability

MariaDB Platform undergoes thorough quality assurance to test performance at scale for heavy production workloads.

Automatic failover

“Downtime” and “data loss” are dirty words. That’s why MariaDB Platform includes replication and clustering options for high availability, as well as the MaxScale advanced database proxy to enable automatic failover.

Security & compliance

MariaDB software is engineered for security, whether it’s encryption and key management for PCI compliance or pseudonymization (i.e., data masking) for GDPR compliance.

More than just a T-shirt size

Were you assigned a “T-shirt size” with your ServiceNow package? What happens if you outgrow that shirt? With MariaDB, you can tune your databases (or have us tune them for you) to fit your specific needs, whatever those may be. We’ll make sure your solution is finely tailored.

MariaDB expert support

MariaDB Platform hides all topology changes from applications so developers don’t have to write code to handle database and/or server failures. Everything is handled by MariaDB MaxScale.

How MariaDB works for ServiceNow Customers

This example topology shows the way many customers are using MariaDB Platform to ensure peak performance and reliability for on-premises ServiceNow deployments. The MaxScale database proxy plays a key role, using read/write splitting to scale reads by routing writes to the primary database and load balancing reads across the secondary databases.


More Information

If ServiceNow is mission-critical to your organization, you need MariaDB. After all, your ServiceNow on-prem deployment is only as stable as your database. Contact MariaDB today.