Team MariaDB is back from SCALE13X – This show keeps getting bigger and better

gMfdkcam.jpg Members of Team MariaDB have now all made it home from SCALE13X, held in LA. This year we had three talks. Max, talked about Advanced Query Routing and Proxying with MaxScale, and Sharding Your Data With Spider, while Colin Charles talks about MySQL in the Hosted Cloud. The talks will be available online shortly via the SCALE13X Website – we will tweet out links to our talks once they are posted.

This year the team who organizes SCALE13 added an extra day on Friday – and man was it busy (just check out the image above to see what the expo hall looked like). What is great about being in the expo hall at SCALE is that people are coming in to see the vendors – where at some shows they need to lure attendees in with the promise of free ice cream bars (not that I am against free ice cream), but this means that they are really interested in talking with those in hall. For me this speaks of highly of the culture that has been built, and maintained as this show grows. Though we must attribute our use of booth babes as part of our draw. X0phGLTm.jpgThat Rod Allen sure draws a crowd!

With every show that we attend we find more and more people that are not only familiar with MariaDB, but are also using MariaDB. For me this was the event where I felt that more people that I talked with are using MariaDB than not. This is due in part to our team taking part in doing talks at events like this, but also due to MariaDB now being the default RDBMS in most major Linux distributions, and then packaged with those where we are not the default. Those that we talked to who were not yet using MariaDB had lots of questions about how to migrate to MariaDB. Thankfully the process of migration is really so simple that even us Marketing folks could answer these questions. If you have any questions on how to migration you can have a look at our Knowledge Base, or you can contact us via our website. To see where we will be next have a look at the Events Section on our website.