MariaDB ColumnStore

MariaDB ColumnStore unifies OLTP and analytics workloads with a single ANSI SQL interface

MariaDB ColumnStore is a powerful open source columnar storage engine that supports a wide variety of analytical use cases with ANSI SQL in highly scalable distributed environments.

MariaDB ColumnStore is the future of data warehousing. ColumnStore allows us to store more data and analyze it faster. Everyday, Pinger’s mobile applications process millions of text messages and phone calls. We also process more than 1.5 billion rows of logs per day. Analytic scalability and performance is critical to our business. MariaDB’s ColumnStore manages massive amounts of data and will scale with Pinger as we grow.

Aziz Vahora, Head of Data Management at Pinger.

MariaDB ColumnStore

Reduce Costs with Better Price Performance

Data warehouses are famously expensive. MariaDB ColumnStore makes it possible to reduce costs – saving you money whether you deploy on the cloud or on premise with commodity hardware.

  • 90% less cost per TB per year compared to proprietary data warehouses
  • Flexible deployment options to meet specific needs– public cloud, private cloud or on premise
  • Advanced data compression for extremely large data sets reduces the hardware needed for big data deployments

Performance at Scale

Performance at Scale

MariaDB ColumnStore is designed for big data scaling to process petabytes of data, and enable linear scalability and exceptional performance with real-time responses. It leverages the I/O benefits of columnar storage together with parallel query execution in distributed environments to deliver tremendous performance when analyzing large datasets.

  • Optimized columnar storage that reduces disk I/O, resulting in massively faster read-intensive workloads
  • Distribute SQL queries into a series of parallel operations to dramatically reduce the time needed to query large datasets
  • Support for fully parallel data ingestion with 500K writes per second

Reduce Costs with a Single User Interface for OLAP and OLTP

Easier Enterprise Analytics

MariaDB ColumnStore simplifies every step of deployment from setup to management and monitoring. It’s ANSI SQL interface provides a familiar tool to manage OLTP and analytic workloads from a single interface.

  • Use existing ANSI SQL queries or write new ones with complete SQL capabilities including complex aggregation, joins and windowing functions at the data storage level
  • Support a wide variety of BI tools with out-of-the-box connectors for easy data discovery and visualization
  • Simplify DBA tasks without indexes or physical partitions to scale out analytical environment



MariaDB ColumnStore accesses all the same top level security capabilities delivered in MariaDB Server. Secure ColumnStore data with encryption for data in motion, role-based access and audit features.

  • Secure data in motion using out-of-the-box encryption
  • Tighten security with fine-grained role-based access
  • Easy auditability with a zero-downtime activation of query history

With MariaDB ColumnStore, we were able to improve the performance of our multi-billion row tables where other storage engines failed miserably. Our 2015 Global Burden of Disease results were three times larger than any other year and we expect to increase the breadth of our study each year moving forward. MariaDB's ColumnStore storage engine solved both a volume and scale problem within our environment that allows us to seamlessly handle both current and planned increases in workload.

Andrew Ernst, Enterprise Technology Architect at Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

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