MariaDB Platform Comparison

MariaDB Platform Comparison

MariaDB vs. MySQL and EnterpriseDB

MariaDB Platform is the leading enterprise open source database, with a feature set far above and beyond what is available from MySQL Enterprise or EnterpriseDB Postgres Platform. As the successor to MySQL, MariaDB Platform continues to innovate with features such as distributed SQL and columnar storage while EnterpriseDB continues to lack critical functionality such as multi-master clustering and transparent data encryption.

The table below highlights a handful of the differences between MariaDB Platform and its open source competitors.

Distributed SQLNoNoYes
Columnar storageNoNoYes
Temporal tablesNoNoYes
Oracle Database compatibilityYesNoYes
Non-blocking backupsYesNoYes
Point-in-time rollbackNoNoYes
Multi-master clusteringNoYesYes
Transaction replayNoNoYes
Transparent data encryptionNoYesYes
Dynamic data maskingNoNoYes
Parallel queryYesNoYes

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MariaDB vs. Oracle, Microsoft and IBM

MariaDB Platform supports the same core enterprise features as Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM Db2, and in some cases, even more (e.g., elastic scale out with distributed SQL). Further, while Oracle Database, IBM Db2 and MariaDB Platform all support multi-master clustering, only MariaDB Platform implements a shared-nothing architecture.

The table below highlights a handful of the differences between MariaDB Platform and its proprietary competitors.

Distributed SQLNoNoNoYes
Columnar storage (on-disk)NoYesYesYes
Temporal tablesYesPartialYesYes
Oracle Database compatibility-NoYesYes
Point-in-time rollbackYesNoNoYes
Multi-master clustering (shared storage)YesNoYesNo
Multi-master clustering (shared nothing)NoNoNoNo
Connection migrationNoNoNoYes
Transaction replayYesNoNoYes
Database firewallYesNoNoYes
Column compressionNoNoNoYes

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