MariaDB Platform Enterprise Subscription

The Value of a MariaDB Platform Enterprise Subscription

Enterprises need a full-featured alternative to the expensive and restrictive proprietary licensing models of Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. MariaDB Server is the fastest growing open source database, supported by a vibrant user community. MariaDB Platform – available only by subscription – extends the popular open source MariaDB Server with a full array of enterprise-grade features and services that give you the reliability you require for mission-critical deployments.

MariaDB Platform (Subscription) vs. MariaDB Server (Community)

MariaDB Platform – built for enterprises – extends MariaDB Server with the high availability, performance, security, scalability and analytics that modern businesses rely on. When you run a business on MariaDB Platform, the very people who engineered the software are here to make sure you succeed.

Feature Comparison

MariaDB Community vs Enterprise Server

Download the Why MariaDB Platform datasheet for easy reference.


How MariaDB Platform Subscriptions Work

A MariaDB Platform subscription provides everything you need to run your mission-critical applications. But it goes well beyond the enterprise-grade software. It also gives you access to regular updates, a thriving community and support services that span your entire application infrastructure, architecture and life cycle.


No upgrade fees

Unlike proprietary software licenses, MariaDB subscriptions cover the full lifespan of the product, not just one specific version. Subscribers get automatic access to product enhancements, performance improvements, bug fixes, and other updates for one all-inclusive price.

Expert help, 24×7

MariaDB subscriptions include 24×7 technical support from a global network of MariaDB support engineers – you’ll get a response within 30 minutes for critical issues. (These same experts are behind the MariaDB Managed Service, for those who would prefer a fully managed solution.)

On-demand version access

Download and test any supported version of the software whenever you choose, and determine what makes the most sense for you. Deploy on physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers reliably and securely – on a schedule that fits your business cycle.

Comprehensive customer portal

Our easy-to-use customer portal is your gateway to getting the most out of MariaDB. Manage your subscription, view support tickets. Once you have established customer portal access you can use your MariaDB ID to access downloads like the Enterprise Server, connectors and tools, Enterprise Platform Documentation and more on


Need Help Migrating?

Could you use help moving from your current database to MariaDB?

Our migration practice experts can help you choose the best strategy for your business, drawing from their expertise with MariaDB as well as proprietary databases such as Oracle Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM Db2.

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