MariaDB AX

Analytics made easy — simple, fast, scalable and… open source.

MariaDB AX, built on the same foundation as MariaDB Server, is a modern data warehousing solution for large scale analytics – eliminating the need for expensive hardware and complex software.


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MariaDB AX Components

MariaDB Server

A modern general-purpose database built with an extensible architecture to support community contributions

MariaDB ColumnStore

A distributed storage engine with parallel query processing, supports HDD/SSD, SAN, EBS and GlusterFS

MariaDB MaxScale

A powerful database proxy with plugins for increased high availability, scalability, security and integration

MariaDB Connectors

Lightweight, non-blocking clients for Java (JDBC), ODBC (Windows and Linux), C and more

MariaDB Tools

Full-featured management and monitoring interfaces; tools for backup and restore, rollback and replication

MariaDB Services

Remote database administration (Remote DBA), database architecture and design, database migration

MariaDB Connectors

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MariaDB AX 1.0

MariaDB AX 1.0



MariaDB AX 1.0


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Features and Benefits


MariaDB AX uses columnar storage and compression for faster queries on large data sets, accessing individual columns rather than entire rows to reduce long-running queries from hours to minutes, if not seconds.


MariaDB AX is built on the same foundation as MariaDB Platform but uses a storage engine optimized for scalable, high performance analytics — a simple but powerful SQL-based data warehouse.


MariaDB AX uses parallel query processing and distributed storage to scale out – using multiple servers to increase query concurrency and/or storage capacity – and supports billions of rows, petabytes of data.


MariaDB AX is not limited to querying column-based analytical data, it can perform joins with row-based operational data stored in the same database or in separate databases – and in real time.

Featured Customer

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation @M|17