MariaDB ColumnStore

A pluggable columnar storage engine for large scale analytics.

MariaDB ColumnStore is a powerful columnar storage engine that supports a wide variety of analytical use cases with ANSI SQL in highly scalable distributed environments.

MariaDB ColumnStore is designed as a pluggable storage engine purpose-built to handle analytic workloads while keeping the same ANSI SQL interface that is used across all the storage engines of the MariaDB portfolio, thereby making it easier for existing technical resources to adopt and maintain.




MariaDB ColumnStore is built with optimized columnar storage that reduces disk I/O, resulting in massively faster read-intensive workloads.



MariaDB ColumnStore distributes SQL queries into a series of parallel operations to dramatically reduce the time needed to query large datasets.


MariaDB ColumnStore provides advanced data compression for extremely large datasets reducing the hardware needed for big data deployments.


To provide high availability and automatic failover, MariaDB ColumnStore leverages external storage to provide resilient storage capability which includes local storage, SAN/NAS, EBS, GlusterFS and Ceph.

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