Go Big with Analytics at M|17

Analytics is at the heart of extracting value out of data. Adopting an effective analytics strategy can be a distinctive competitive advantage, particularly with the growth of big data and IoT in the enterprise.

At M|17, we’ve got a whole track dedicated to helping you learn about a powerful, new approach to big data analytics.

Intro to Analytics with ColumnStore: MariaDB ColumnStore is a new technology for analytic use cases. It’s a powerful open source columnar storage engine option for MariaDB that supports a wide variety of analytical use cases with ANSI SQL in highly scalable distributed environments. Attendees will also get a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next version of ColumnStore.

Analytics deep dive: This three hour workshop will cover everything you need to know to get started using MariaDB ColumnStore for high performance analytics from simple queries to complex analytics like cross engine join, aggregation and window function.

Real-world big data analytics use cases: This session will cover real-world big data analytics use cases from various industries to show how to achieve deep analytical insights that drive business growth and change.

Ingesting data into ColumnStore: Best practices on loading data into the powerful columnar storage engine, ColumnStore, along with showcase examples, guidelines and demos.

Storing and querying in ColumnStore: Learn how ColumnStore stores data on disk, in multi-node configuration and gets to data during query processing. This session will give you the tools to optimize your data and queries to take advantage of the ColumnStore data storage architecture.

The entire engineering team, product management, consulting team and many users of MariaDB ColumnStore will be at M|17. Come to learn new technical skills, ask questions of the experts, hear about a broad variety of analytic use cases, and be inspired to find an easier and faster approach to big data analytics!

Checkout the full detailed agenda and register for M|17 today at https://m17.mariadb.com. We look forward to seeing you in New York!