Introducing SkySQL Power, the first tailored cloud DBaaS


Until today, there have always been difficult trade-offs between running a database on public or private infrastructure (e.g., Amazon EC2) and using a database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

You can run databases on premises or on cloud infrastructure. You can make sure they precisely match your specific requirements, but it requires effort. You can use a DBaaS such as Amazon RDS. You’ll benefit from self service and automation – but you’ll pay a steep price for it. You’ll be forced to adhere to the lowest common denominator (like everyone else using it), and you’ll be bound by artificial constraints and limitations.

Quite simply, you’ll no longer be able to deploy databases tailored to be a perfect fit for you.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t.

Consider cars. With the advent of the moving assembly lines and mass production, Henry Ford made it possible for everyone to own a car – but it only came in black. Fast forward to today, and you can choose from a handful of options (e.g., exterior color and seat fabric). This is what Amazon RDS and Azure Database have done for databases in the cloud.

However, let’s consider Mercedes-Benz. You can choose from a handful of options when purchasing a C 300 sedan. An AMG C 63 S, that’s a whole different story. Now it’s all about customization. However, both are built on the same platform. This is the approach SkySQL has taken. If SkySQL is the Mercedes-Benz of DBaaS, SkySQL Power is AMG. Amazon RDS and Azure Database? Mercury and Saturn. I’m kidding. No, I’m not.

With SkySQL Power, customization is made possible because of our decision to use ServiceNow and Kubernetes as the foundation of SkySQL – both driven by meta data, both extensible. This is how we can extend and customize SkySQL to meet unique requirements.

So, what does customization of a DBaaS look like?

It could be as simple as customizing the options available when deploying databases.

Consider meals for a private event. You could let everyone choose from the standard menu and its many options, but there’s always going to be someone who picks the most expensive one. Or, you could create a custom menu by choosing a small number of practical options. Assuming you did without the open bar, you no longer have to worry about unexpected, runaway costs.

In terms of a DBaaS and SkySQL Power, you could limit the instance types available when deploying databases. For example, there may be no need for anyone to deploy a database on the largest and most expensive instance type.

Alternatively, you could go one step further and replace all of the standard instance types with your own custom instance types. Rather than having to pick from standard t-shirt sizes, you can pick from a set of shirts tailored to your exact specifications. Perhaps you need a lot of memory, but not all of the compute that comes with larger instance types. Ever shop for jeans only to find that every pair with the right width has the wrong length? Not fun. Not fun at all.

It could be as advanced as custom topologies. Rather than the standard replicated topology, you may require a complex topology consisting of separate multi-master clusters in two different regions synchronized with bidirectional replication servers. Or, you may want three delayed replicas 1 hour, 12 hours and 24 hours behind in order to prevent data loss/corruption from making its way into scheduled backups.

These are the types of sophisticated topologies DBAs deploy to meet the highest HA/DR requirements, and they’re far beyond what a traditional DBaaS is capable of.

These are just two examples of customization. There are others such as integration with Kafka for change-data-capture or Azure Active Directory for authentication. And of course, there’s whatever you come up with.

As we say, the sky’s the limit, especially with SkySQL Power.

Get started today with a SkySQL Power fitting. And, join our upcoming webinar to learn about DBaaS customization and optimization from our MariaDB cloud experts: Making the cloud adapt to you with SkySQL Power, a customizable DBaaS.