MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.3 GA is available for download


We are pleased to announce that MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.3 GA is now available for download!

If MariaDB MaxScale is new to you, we recommend reading this page first.

1.4.3 is a bugfix release, not bringing any new features but fixing certain issues found in 1.4.2.

MariaDB MaxScale 1.4 brings:

  1. The Firewall Filter has been extended and can now be used for either black-listing or white-listing queries. In addition it is capable of logging both queries that match and queries that do not match.
  2. Client-side SSL has been available in MariaDB MaxScale for a while, but it has been somewhat unreliable. We now believe that client side SSL is fully functional and usable.

MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.3 GA is available for download

Additional improvements:

  • POSIX Extended Regular Expression Syntax can now be used in conjunction with qlafilter, topfilter and namedserverfilter.
  • Improved user grant detection.
  • Improved password encryption.

The release notes can be found here and the binaries can be downloaded here.

In case you want to build the binaries yourself, the source can be found at GitHub, tagged with 1.4.3.

We hope you will download and use this release, and we encourage you to create a bug report in Jira for any bugs you might encounter.