Monitoring MariaDB with the All New Monyog v7.0

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MariaDB is an open-source enterprise database with one of the most active, fastest-growing communities in the world, with MariaDB Enterprise adding the security, high availability, and scalability features required for mission-critical applications – and the management and monitoring tools expected.

In this blog, we’ll focus on monitoring. Monyog, included in MariaDB Enterprise, helps DBAs monitor everything from server status to query performance, all while receiving proactive warnings and alerts. Monyog 7.0 features an improved user interface, a customizable dashboard, and topological views, making it easier than ever to identify critical issues and uncover valuable performance insights.

Monitor the top 10 queries across all servers

Save time and resources with an extensive view of the state of MariaDB servers under one roof.

Customize the dashboard, and get enhanced chart performance

Choose to create and customize monitoring dashboards, and enable or disable MySQL and system charts, to best analyze your server performance.

Visualize the replication topology

Gain visibility into the replication hierarchy of servers along with the details of each replicated server to make sure the data is always up to date.

Take advantage of real-time monitoring

Optimize your MariaDB database performance by monitoring every query on your database in real time, so you can better manage resources.

In addition, here’s a quick overview of the MariaDB Monitoring tool, Monyog v7.0:

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