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MariaDB Enterprise

If you're building revenue-generating applications using MariaDB 10.1, 10.0 or 5.5, a MariaDB Enterprise subscription provides all the technology and professional expertise you need to help make your project successful. Our subscriptions give you immediate access to the highest quality software, timely updates, and industry-leading support from the world's foremost MariaDB and OSS database experts.

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MariaDB Enterprise Cluster

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster is an easily deployed HA solution that gives you true competitive advantages, by helping your enterprise to achieve service level objectives for high availability in the most cost-effective manner.

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MariaDB MaxScale

MariaDB MaxScale is an open-source, database-centric proxy that works with MariaDB and MySQL®. It has a pluggable architecture designed to increase flexibility and aid customisation as well as a lightweight, high-speed networking core designed to facilitate throughput. MariaDB MaxScale runs between the client application and the database cluster and currently offers connection and statement-based load balancing.

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MariaDB 10.1

MariaDB 10.1 is the newest and most advanced version of the popular MariaDB relational database system. Whilst remaining application compatible with MySQL®, it adds many new capabilities to address the most challenging web and enterprise application use cases.

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MariaDB Connectors & Plugins

MariaDB Connectors and Plugins to allow our customers need to successfully integrate MariaDB into their company’s overall data management landscape.

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