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Alerting and Notifications from SkySQL

SkySQL offers a dedicated observability portal, SkySQL Monitoring, which serves as a single pane of glass for the customer’s performance metrics across all clouds.


MariaDB SkySQL for Transactions now Generally Available on AWS

We’re happy to announce the General Availability of MariaDB SkySQL for Transactions on AWS in addition to GCP.


Everything you need to know about distributed SQL

Learn what distributed SQL is and how companies use it to achieve massive scale.


MariaDB SkySQL Achieves ISO Security Certification

MariaDB announces ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management System (ISMS) for MariaDB SkySQL.


MariaDB SkySQL on AWS, now in tech preview

With SkySQL, AWS customers have access to a robust, scalable MariaDB database service with support from the source, the company building the database.


MariaDB Xpand for Distributed SQL Now GA

The MariaDB Xpand smart engine is now GA delivering distributed SQL for extreme scalability through MariaDB Enterprise Server.


Getting Started with the MariaDB Direct Query Adapter for Microsoft Power BI

We are excited to announce the availability of a new Microsoft Power BI Desktop integration with MariaDB. The MariaDB Direct … Continued


MariaDB SkySQL Takes a Data Security First Approach

Data security is a guiding principle for MariaDB SkySQL, and all SkySQL databases incorporate features that make them secure by default.


MariaDB SkySQL Updates for Cloud Data Warehousing and HTAP Topologies

The newest release of MariaDB SkySQL includes MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4. ColumnStore is a columnar smart engine used to accomplish … Continued


MariaDB SkySQL Adds Clustering for Continuous Availability

MariaDB SkySQL now includes a clustering option for virtually-synchronous replication and high availability.

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