Database Topics

MariaDB, a complete database solution for mission-critical applications, meets the enterprise database requirements for high availability, security, flexible data modeling, and analytics.

  • Storage Engines
    Storage Engines

    MariaDB Platform includes multiple storage engines to consolidate a variety of database workloads.

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  • Disaster Recovery
    Disaster Recovery

    MariaDB Platform supports comprehensive disaster recovery strategies for restoring availability and data in the event of an unexpected outage or data loss/corruption.

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  • Analytics

    The benefits of a column-oriented data warehouse for modern analytical workloads.

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  • High Availability
    High Availability

    MariaDB offers primary/replica replication, multi-source replication, and multi-master clustering for high availability, reducing downtime.

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  • Security

    Secure your enterprise database from threats and attacks with advanced MariaDB security features (data encryption, data masking, built-in firewall and more).

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  • Flexible Data Modeling
    Flexible Data Modeling

    Create flexible schemas using structured (relational) and semi-structured (JSON) data for mission-critical web, mobile and IoT app development with MariaDB.

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