Lessons learned: going live with MariaDB ColumnStore

  • Martin Adamec, CTO at DataDock Solutions
Session Abstract

DataDock Solutions, a FinTech analytics platform-as-a-service, is about to to change trading as we know it. After a year of preparation and development, we went live in early January 2018 with MariaDB ColumnStore as the backend database. It handles massive amounts of market data as well as all sorts of mostly time-series data, including client-specific data. The data we work with is gathered and loaded overnight using batch processes, but it needs to be readily available to customers via a web browser. These two fundamentally different patterns of data access present different challenges on top of a quite complex configuration for MariaDB ColumnStore.

This talk walks through a few cases where support provided by the MariaDB team was instrumental to a very successful launch. The platform took off the moment a highly-positioned decision maker at our first client said to us, “… if you want to grow our business, then this is MUST HAVE!” But in fact, the real start took place several months before…

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