MariaDB AX for Analytics: Out With The Old, In With The New

The market wanted an enterprise open source database for modern transactional workloads. It wanted a database capable of meeting traditional enterprise requirements, but from an open source vendor committed to community innovation. We called it MariaDB TX.

Today, the market wants an enterprise open source data warehouse for modern analytical workloads and with the same requirements. We call it MariaDB AX. It’s for everything from traditional business intelligence/reporting and data mining to modern analytics, including decision support systems and recommendation engines.

What is an enterprise open solution for modern analytics and data warehousing?

It’s analytics made flexible.

You don’t have to model data around a handful of predefined queries. You can, but with a columnar database, you don’t have to – query data however like, whenever you like.

It’s analytics made simple.

You don’t have to worry about complex, time-consuming batch jobs anymore. You can import data directly from C++, Python and Java applications, continuously or on demand.

It’s analytics made easy.

You don’t have to learn a new query language or programming model. You have the full power of standard SQL at your disposal – no limitations, no workaround.

It’s analytics made current.

You don’t have to wait for data to become available for analysis. MariaDB AX can continuously import data from Apache Kafka* or MariaDB TX (via change-data-capture).

It’s analytics made fast.

You don’t have to wait when millions to billions of rows can be queried in a matter of seconds – a columnar database is optimized for querying most if not all data.

It’s analytics made scalable.

You don’t have to scale up. You can scale out with distributed storage and parallel query processing. If you need to query more data, add more nodes.

It’s analytics made powerful.

You don’t have to be limited to what’s available out of the box. You can create custom analytical functions. You can can analyze semi and unstructured data.

It’s analytics made affordable.

You don’t have to invest in million-dollar appliances or commit to a cloud vendor. MariaDB AX runs on commodity hardware, on premises or in the cloud of your choice.

Times have changed.

MariaDB AX is the data warehouse built for everyone, today and tomorrow.

If you want to see what’s under the hood, MariaDB AX now includes MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1 (blog) as well as bulk and streaming data adapters (blog).

To learn more about MariaDB AX, join our upcoming webinar on December 12 – register here to attend. We hope you can join us.