Meet eperi at M|17

By Elmar Eperiesi-Beck, CEO, eperi GmbH

On behalf of the eperi team, we are very much looking forward to being part of MariaDB’s first annual M|17 user conference. We see this as a perfect opportunity to introduce our Cloud Data Protection (CDP) solution, the eperi Gateway, to our peers within the MariaDB community.

A little background: our eperi Gateway offers data encryption for sensitive data in SaaS, IaaS, databases (like MariaDB), and files – all without affecting end users or changing existing IT environments. We built the eperi Gateway to ensure that those attempting unauthorized access to these applications will receive only unreadable data, while authorized employees enjoy a seamless experience.

Our longtime partnership with MariaDB is rooted in a mutual appreciation for the power of open source solutions – it’s the natural strengths of open source that enable our CDP solutions to be transparent, reliable, and trustworthy. We believe in achieving security through transparency, and publish the source code for our product’s security framework publicly. We’ve made it reviewable, by anyone, via our website.

We’re very proud to say that eperi has cooperated closely with MariaDB for several years now. This fruitful partnership has featured eperi’s deep contributions to the MariaDB encryption project, and to our development of the eperi data encryption plugin for MariaDB. Working with MariaDB, we’ve made tremendous steps toward securing MariaDB users and setting an example for data processing applications. With GDPR and several other strict data protection regulations on the horizon, enterprises need transparent data security more than ever before. We’re excited to continue our work with MariaDB, utilizing our open source approach to provide the transparency users prefer when they encrypt their data.

Attendees of M|17 interested in securing data in cloud applications should meet us at our kiosk at the conference to experience a live demonstration of the eperi Gateway

To learn more about eperi at M|17, please visit us here.