MyRocks available in MariaDB 10.2 Release Candidate 2

It’s about two months since the release of the first release candidate of MariaDB 10.2. Release Candidates are nice especially from the view that this is the point where large amounts of users start testing a product. We’re seeing this happen also this time and have experienced a lot of interest in MariaDB Server 10.2 in general over the last two months.

Now, we’re releasing MariaDB Server 10.2.5, which is Release Candidate number 2. Although this is a Release Candidate, there is one significant new piece in it, namely MyRocks. MyRocks is a storage engine developed by Facebook using RocksDB as the backend. Some of the benefits of MyRocks are that it provides great compression, it’s write efficient and data loading is fast. The MyRocks site has more information about the benefits and you can learn more about MyRocks in MariaDB on our blog.

Since MyRocks originally was developed by Facebook, the focus was to make it especially suitable for their needs, i.e. their workloads and platforms. Under the lead of our developer Sergey Petrunia, MyRocks was now included in MariaDB. MyRocks in MariaDB is constantly being merged with upstream MyRocks from Facebook.

The goal was to make MyRocks available as a storage engine in MariaDB Server for every MariaDB user to consume on whatever platform they use (with some exceptions for 32-bit platforms and older Linuxes). With MyRocks now included in RC2 of 10.2 that goal has been accomplished. MyRocks is available in the MariaDB Server packages for most Linux distributions and is available for Windows users too.

Although it’s in its early days for MyRocks, it’s very much a functioning storage engine, with which amazing results can be achieved. We encourage you to try it, use it and report any problems you might have with it. But please remember that this is the first public version of MyRocks in MariaDB, which means it’s suitable for serious testing, etc. but not production usage.

Test out MariaDB 10.2.5 Release Candidate 2! We want to hear about your experience with it. Although MyRocks is the newest feature in 10.2 there are some other significant features to test out in MariaDB Server 10.2 as well:

Get MariaDB Server 10.2.5 here!