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Rasmus Johansson

Vice President, Engineering, MariaDB
Rasmus has worked for MariaDB since 2010 and was appointed VP Engineering in 2013. He is responsible for the architecting and development of MariaDB Server and MariaDB Cluster.

MariaDB Connector C++ Now RC

MariaDB Connector/C++ is now a release candidate (RC). C++ is known for its efficiency, versatility and extensibility, and it is often used in industries like fintech where applications require predictable…

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MariaDB Named Commands

This year it will be 10 years since the first version of MariaDB Server was published. The first release was version 5.1.38, which happened in the fall of 2009. Since…

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Updating Jira on MariaDB and Running into Database Driver Problems

We run a public instance of Jira ( Since it’s public it’s good to keep it pretty up-to-date so that no known vulnerabilities are open. A couple of weeks back…

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MariaDB Server 10.4 RC is Here!

A year ago, at MariaDB’s annual user conference in New York City, MariaDB Server 10.3 release candidate was launched. The most significant features added to 10.3 were PL/SQL support and…

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Spider’s Lead Developer Joins MariaDB

Imagine one database that can handle a variety of workloads all with the same level of performance. With MariaDB’s purpose-built storage engine architecture you get just that. Use InnoDB for…

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