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January 22, 2012

Announcing SkySQL™ Enterprise HA for the MariaDB® & MySQL® databases

SkySQL™ today announced the immediate availability of SkySQL™ Enterprise HA, its leading 360° degrees High Availability solution for the MySQL® & MariaDB® databases.

High Availability is the #1 requested enhancement to the MySQL & MariaDB servers, even more popular than scalability and performance.  And with SkySQL's expertise at hand, it is now easier than ever before for customers to achieve the level of High Availability that they want.

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January 17, 2012

MariaDB: Improve Security with Two-Step Verification

By S e

In this primer I will show how to improve the security of your MariaDB installation by using two-step verification and how to use it from your Windows GUI client. Let's suppose you have your data in MariaDB, installed, say, on Ubuntu. And your users connect to it to run ad hoc queries, using some sort of a Windows GUI client

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