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Why DBaaS Is the Future of Cloud Computing

Business – and the data that powers it – is moving to the cloud. That shift offers an opportunity, not just for modernization but also for new efficiencies and capabilities while lowering capital expenditure. Whether your mission-critical application is already in the cloud or you’re pondering a cloud migration, you’ll want to take part in this two-hour summit. Industry thought leaders and subject-matter experts will come together for roundtable discussions on why they think database-as-a-service (DBaaS) is the future of cloud computing.


  • Keynote
  • A Look at SkySQL: The MariaDB DBaaS
  • Developers’ Perspectives on Cloud Databases
  • The Role of DBAs in the DBaaS World


  • David Nalley – Head of Open Source Strategy & Marketing, AWS
  • Kathryn Sizemore – Senior MySQL/MariaDB Database Administrator, Datavail
  • Greg Yantz – Database Administrator, Financial Network, Inc.
  • Mary Grygleski – Senior Developer Advocate, IBM
  • Mark Paluch – Spring Data Project Lead, vmWare
  • Manjot Singh – Director of Customer Engineering, MariaDB
  • Rob Hedgpeth – Director of Developer Relations, MariaDB
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