Kerberos for SQLyog by MariaDB Connector/C

SQLyog is included in MariaDB Enterprise and it helps DBAs, developers and database architects save time writing queries visualized with syntax checking, designing visually complex queries, and many other powerful features for visualization, synchronization and management. This 12.4 release introduces ‘read-only’ connections as well as support for the MariaDB auth_gssapi (Kerberos) plugin.

Kerberos is an authentication protocol that works on the basis of ‘tickets’ to allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner. Typically Kerberos is used within corporate/internal environments for two purposes: security and authentication – replacing the computer local passwords with tickets on a distributed network system, thereby eliminating the risk for transmitted passwords over the network to be intercepted.

The MariaDB auth_gssapi (Kerberos) plugin was available with MariaDB Connector/C 3.0 (currently beta), but based on the high demand for this, we backported it to the MariaDB Connector/C 2.3 which is used in SQLyog.

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