MariaDB TX

MariaDB TX 2.0 is now available! Watch this video learn more.

MariaDB TX Components

MariaDB Server

A modern general-purpose database built with an extensible architecture to support community contributions

MariaDB Cluster

Active/active, multi-master clusters with synchronous replication and globally-ordered transactions

MariaDB MaxScale

A powerful database proxy with plugins for increased high availability, scalability, security and integration

MariaDB Connectors

Lightweight, non-blocking clients for Java (JDBC), ODBC (Windows and Linux), C and more

MariaDB Tools

Full-featured management and monitoring interfaces; tools for backup and restore, rollback and replication

MariaDB Services

Remote database administration (Remote DBA), database architecture and design, database migration

MariaDB TX Component

What’s New in MariaDB TX 2.0

Completeness and compatibility

  • Common Table Expressions
  • Window functions
  • JSON & GeoJSON functions
  • CHECK (constraints)
  • DECIMAL (38 places)
  • and more…

Performance and scalability

  • MyRocks storage engine
  • InnoDB enhancements
  • Binary Log read throttling
  • Binary Log compression
  • Virtual Column indexes
  • Query cache
  • Streaming inserts
  • and more…

Security and recovery

  • Per user resource limits
  • Enforced TLS connections
  • Data masking
  • Prepared Statement filtering
  • Result Set limiting
  • Delayed replication
  • Binary Log based rollback
  • and more..

MariaDB TX 2.0



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Expertise Reliability

High Availability

MariaDB TX provides high availability for mission-critical applications using local storage, replication (master/slave or multi-master; synchronous, semi-synchronous or asynchronous) and automatic failover.

Disaster Recovery

MariaDB TX includes multiple disaster recovery tools to perform everything from full physical backups and incremental logical backups to point-in-time recovery and Binary Log based rollback.


MariaDB TX meets high performance requirements using a multi-threaded architecture with multiple subquery optimizations, advanced join algorithms, index condition pushdown, and table statistics.


MariaDB TX scales out on demand using schema-based sharding, clustering with automatic node detection or replication with dynamic configuration – and it scales up with multi-core processors.


A relational database platform for transactional workloads (OLTP) featuring an intelligent database proxy and firewall, MariaDB Platform is engineered for high availability, scalability, and security.

Community Innovation

Open Development

MariaDB follows an open and transparent development process, ensuring everyone has access to everything from tests cases and security bugs to source code and roadmaps.

Extensible Architecture

MariaDB TX implements an extensible architecture with public APIs, enabling the community, customers and partners to create plugins for extending storage, security, replication and more.

Community Contribution

MariaDB has one of the largest communities in the world, welcoming contributions from and collaborating with companies like Alibaba, Facebook and Google to incorporate new features and improvements.

Streaming Integration

MariaDB TX streams inserts, updates and deletes in real time using a change-data-capture protocol, converting them to AVRO objects or JSON documents for clients – and includes an Apache Kafka producer.

Flexible Data Model

MariaDB TX supports flexible data models with the use of dynamic columns to support different rows with different columns and JSON functions to support columns with semistructured data.

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