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Releasing Connector/Node.js – What Does it MEAN?

Some in the Node.js development community might have been surprised by today’s announcement of the release of MariaDB Connector/Node.js.  People … Continued

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Performance of MariaDB Native Sequences

I suggest you first have a look at my previous post, where I look at the performance of emulated sequences, … Continued

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Performance of Emulated Sequences

Let’s start with what a SEQUENCE is. A SEQUENCE is an SQL object that creates a series of numbers. When … Continued

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Use Cases for MariaDB Data Versioning

Working in software development, versioning of code is something that we’ve often taken for granted. Task definitions and bug descriptions … Continued

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How to install MariaDB Server 10.3 in Docker

Recommended Resource 2018 Webinar: First look at official Docker images and Kubernetes Helm charts for MariaDB Watch Now _________________________ There … Continued

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JSON Database + Relational = Better Together

JSON is the de facto standard for consuming and producing data via web, mobile and IoT services. JSON provides developers … Continued

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On Databases, Temporal Datatypes and Trains

Introduction The data type aspect of databases is a key feature as is it when it comes to programming languages. I … Continued

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Of Temporal Datatypes, Electricity and Cows

Introduction In an earlier blog post I discussed some aspects of temporal datatypes and how they apply to databases, in … Continued

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