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Use Cases for MariaDB Data Versioning

Working in software development, versioning of code is something that we’ve often taken for granted. Task definitions and bug descriptions … Continued

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ALTER TABLE Improvements in MariaDB Server 10.3

MariaDB Server 10.3.7 (the first Generally Available release in the series) includes some ALTER TABLE improvements that are worth mentioning. … Continued

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Simplify User Account Management with MariaDB MaxScale 2.2 and MariaDB Server 10.3

Configuring database user accounts for MariaDB MaxScale and a backend cluster has typically required a duplicate effort. This is because … Continued

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What’s New in MariaDB Server 10.3

We are happy to announce the general availability (GA) of MariaDB Server 10.3! This release is a big milestone for … Continued

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Automatic Data Versioning in MariaDB Server 10.3

MariaDB Server 10.3 comes with a new, very useful feature that will ease the design of many applications. Data versioning … Continued

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Now with System Versioned Tables – Announcing MariaDB Server 10.3 Second Beta

We are happy to announce the second beta release of MariaDB Server 10.3, the fastest growing open source relational database. … Continued

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