MariaDB SkySQL for Transactions now Generally Available on AWS

We’re happy to announce the General Availability of MariaDB SkySQL for Transactions on AWS.

As part of this release, SkySQL customers can easily deploy production grade transactional database services, including single node and multi-node for high availability.

Deploy a service in SkySQL on GCP or AWS

Deploy a transactional service in SkySQL on GCP or AWS.


Customers login to the SkySQL portal and pick their public cloud provider, GCP or AWS, all from a single interface. SkySQL on AWS supports three AWS cloud regions: us-east-2, eu-central-1 and ap-southeast-1, essentially covering the entire planet for our AWS customers. As with GCP, users have access to advanced configuration changes through the Configuration Manager to further customize the behavior of the database service.

SkySQL Monitoring Now Supports Multi-Cloud

SkySQL Monitoring lets you monitor your database deployments in GCP and AWS, giving customers a true multi-cloud view in a single monitoring interface.

Single pane to monitor MariaDB SkySQL cloud database deployments in multiple clouds

Single pane of glass to monitor MariaDB SkySQL database deployments in multiple clouds. 


Alerts and notifications are now also available as a technical preview in SkySQL Monitoring. Customers can set a variety of alerts based on certain criteria that will then notify customer-defined contacts. This blog walks through the process of setting up alerts and notifications..


Configure alerts and notifications in SkySQL.


SkySQL alert and notification interface

Simple and powerful interface in SkySQL to define rules for alerts and notifications.


SkySQL email notifications

Notifications can be sent by email to designated email addresses. More notification options will be added in the future. 


We are excited to make SkySQL for Transactions GA on AWS. We welcome you to sign into SkySQL and try it today.

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