We’re looking for innovators, leaders and seasoned professionals with expertise in operations and/or development to share their knowledge and experience with MariaDB customers and community members from around the world.

We’re interested in the challenges you’ve faced, the lessons you’ve learned and the best practices you’ve developed – use cases, success stories and strategies too.

If you’ve been in the trenches and led the way forward, submit a session proposal for one of the conference tracks to share your experience with MariaDB.

Real World: Adopting and embracing MariaDB in the enterprise to solve business challenges and drive innovation

Operations: Gaining operational agility with cloud/container infrastructure, automated provisioning and transparent routing, sharding and failover

Development: Building modern applications with advanced SQL (e.g., temporal queries) and flexible schemas (e.g., hybrid relational/JSON data models)

Analytics: Driving faster time-to-insight with ad-hoc, interactive analytics on near real-time data, and scaling to support 100s of billions of rows