Do you have the skill to become MariaDB certified?

We are pleased to offer the MariaDB Certified Database Administrator Associate Exam to any MariaDB OpenWorks attendee interested in proving their MariaDB expertise.

Successful completion of the exam documents that you’re able to adeptly perform associate-level MariaDB tasks, including configuration, tuning and troubleshooting MariaDB databases.

Knowledge prerequisite
Before taking the MariaDB certification exam, our recommendation is to complete the three-day online MariaDB for DBAs training course or have one (or more) years of experience using MariaDB.

Certification preparation workshop
On workshop day, May 4, exam takers can choose from two 60-minute certification prep workshops offered, followed by the 120-minute certification exam. You will also be able to attend one of the other workshops on this day.

Certification exam
The MariaDB Certified Database Administrator Associate Exam will be offered twice on workshop day, May 4 (after the preparation workshop; advance sign-up required), as well as multiple times on the conference days, May 5 and 6 (no advance sign-up required).