February 10, 2014

Real world GIS test data

Ok, this took a bit longer than originally planned for, but if you want to test out recent MariaDB GIS improvements I now have finished importing OpenStreetMap data extracts for most countries in Europe (all but France actually): http://www.php-groupies.de/gis-data/ The download files on that site contain one set of MyISAM table files each, imported using my MySQL/MariaDB output backend for osm2pgsql and European OSM country extracts provided by geofabrik (downloaded Jan 30th, 2014) Just unpack the files, put them into a database directory and change ownership to the operating system user that the mysqld deamon is running as. The tables are using the default osm2pgsql/mapnik import schema with one table for points of interests, lines, polygons and roads each. Each table consists of an 'osmid' column, a GEOMETRY column named 'way' and a set of extra attribute columns like 'name', 'highway', 'building', 'amenity' etc. ... The Lat/Long tables were imported using the --latlong option, their spatial column is using EPSG:4326 aka. WGS84 projection, the Spatial Mercator tables use EPSG:3857 (sometimes also referred to by the pseudo code EPSG:900913) suitable for map tile services as those provided by OpenStreetMap, Google and others ...

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