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MariaDB Platform X5: New Tools and Features for Developers

MariaDB Platform X5 adds new tooling and features that offload development complexity so developers can focus on creating innovation solutions; learn about enhanced SQL, Kafka and Redis support, even more JSON functionality and more.

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Today’s user expectations: It’s all about data access

The past few years have seen a marked shift in users’ expectations of the applications they interact with. And when … Continued

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The place between transactions and analytics – and what it means for you

We’ve always classified database queries as transactional or analytical. If our application has transactional queries, we use an OLTP database. … Continued

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JSON with MariaDB Platform: What Is JSON and Why Use It – With Examples

This is an update of the popular post on JSON with MariaDB 10.2. We’ve brought the details up-to-date with the … Continued

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JSON Database + Relational = Better Together

JSON is the de facto standard for consuming and producing data via web, mobile and IoT services. JSON provides developers … Continued

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