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Rob Hedgpeth

Director of Developer Relations, MariaDB

Using SQLAlchemy with MariaDB Connector/Python: Part 1

Last year we released the new MariaDB Python connector and published a blog post on how to get started using it in your applications. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response…

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How to Connect C++ Programs to MariaDB

Today, we announced the general availability of MariaDB Connector/C++. The C++ language is known for its efficiency, versatility and extensibility. In fact, it’s often used in industries like fintech and…

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Unblock Your Applications with R2DBC, Spring Data and MariaDB

Today, we’re excited to announce our new MariaDB Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC) connector is GA. The connector implements the most recent R2DBC 0.8.3 specification which provides a non-blocking, fully-reactive…

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My MariaDB Playbook

Nearly a year ago, I accepted an offer to work on the developer relations team at MariaDB Corporation. I remember feeling pretty apprehensive and a little overwhelmed leading up to…

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MariaDB Platform X5: New Tools and Features for Developers

With the release of MariaDB Platform X5, we’ve added new tooling and features that offload development complexity so developers can focus on creating innovation solutions. MariaDB Platform X5 includes MariaDB…

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