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SkySQL and Life After Amazon Redshift, Part 2

We already gutted Amazon Redshift in Part 1, we might as well finish with a fatality. Yes, the Mortal Kombat … Continued

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You Know You Want To: Migrate from Oracle to MariaDB

Over the past few years, MariaDB Corporation has heard from countless Oracle database users seeking to replace their database platform … Continued

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How to install MariaDB on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

We previously wrote about MariaDB Server on RHEL 7 in October, 2014. MariaDB Server has grown substantially in the past … Continued

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MariaDB Connector/Python Beta Now Available

Python, an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language, has been increasing in popularity over the past several years. First released in … Continued

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Unlocking the Benefits of MariaDB’s Certified Associate Program

Businesses around the globe continue to accumulate colossal amounts of data. An estimated 50 billion connected devices are expected by … Continued

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Uses for MariaDB and the Spider Storage Engine

Spider is a storage engine for MariaDB Platform that allows you to build distributed databases from a standard MariaDB setup. … Continued

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Understanding and Using In-Order Parallel Replication

In the world of databases, having multiple copies of your database helps to serve your business in a multitude of … Continued

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Understanding and Testing Non-blocking Backup Locks with MariaDB Enterprise Server

Let’s talk about database backups for a minute. Making sure your data is safe and recoverable is a key component … Continued

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What Our Customers Deserve: Introducing MariaDB Enterprise Documentation

MariaDB Corporation recently announced the launch of MariaDB Enterprise Server, an enterprise build of MariaDB Community Server enhanced with enterprise-focused … Continued

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MariaDB Server 10.2.18 now available

The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.2.18and MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0 Alpha. See the … Continued

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