Tag: Sharding

Uses for MariaDB and the Spider Storage Engine

Spider is a storage engine for MariaDB Platform that allows you to build distributed databases from a standard MariaDB setup. … Continued

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The ClustrixDB Query Evaluation Model

Query Evaluation Model Recently we’ve started to dig into the internals of ClustrixDB, specifically How ClustrixDB Accomplishes Horizontal Scaling of … Continued

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The ClustrixDB Rebalancer: Automatically Distributing & Balancing Data

ClustrixDB is a MySQL-compatible ACID RDBMS that linearly scales out both writes and reads. Clustrix has created many architectural innovations over … Continued

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Schema Sharding with MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 – Part 2

In this second installment of schema sharing with MariaDB MaxScale to combine SchemaRouter and ReadWriteSplit MaxScale routers, we’ll go through the details of … Continued

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