Geospatial Analytics & Quotas


Whether you need to enforce license quotas, or just want to understand how your data is being used, we’ve got you covered. MariaDB Geospatial tracks and logs all access to your data and services. It records the “who,” “what” and “how” of every service request, so you have a complete audit trail of every access to your data. Coupled with a rule-based quota system, this allows you to have full control over how much of any service a given user can consume.


Custom Reports

Using a simple web dashboard you can look at broad usage patterns or zoom down into an individual user’s access to the services. Create custom spreadsheets and export them to Excel. Identify the heavy users and gain a greater understanding of how your data is being accessed.



Tracking by the Pixel

MariaDB Geospatial understands the geographic details of each request. This enables tracking by the pixel, and grants new insight into usage, to drive business intelligence and improve data management and decision-making. See where your users are spending most of their time in order to identify “hot spots” that might need more attention.

Tracking by the pixel


Set Quotas and Limits

Tracking at this level enables the platform to support a flexible system of quota management that is tightly integrated with the access control module. Set and enforce user or role-based quotas to implement subscription plans, or manage usage levels.

Quotas and limits


Manage user or role-based quotas