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10 Database Tuning Tips for Peak Workloads

Is your database well equipped to handle peak workloads? As we head into the holiday season and the start of … Continued

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MariaDB MaxScale Setup with Binlog Server and SQL Query Routing

Binlog server is a MariaDB MaxScale replication proxy setup which involves one Master server and several slave servers using MariaDB … Continued

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The Binlog Server Common Identity

The “identity” of the binlog server layer from the slave server’s point of view is something that could be modified … Continued

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Secure Binlog Server: Encrypted binary Logs and SSL Communication

The 2.1.3 GA release of MariaDB MaxScale, introduces the following key features for the secure setup of MaxScale Binlog Server: … Continued

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Data Streaming with MariaDB MaxScale

Data Streaming with MariaDB MaxScale While traditional analytics databases exists, Apache Hadoop is becoming the de facto data storage for … Continued

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